About the Lazy Photographer

Why do I call myself the Lazy Photographer you may be asking?  Is it something to do with my work ethic, or my habits at home.  Well the answer is no.

I’ve been into photography (seriously) for 5or 6 years now.  I always had compact cameras, point and shoot, evolving quality mobile phone cameras through the years and various bridge cameras.  It was only when I got my first DSLR though that I started to want to know more about the nuts and bolts of photography- and began to read, attend classes and practice.

Pretty soon I understood lens apetures, ISO ratings, EQ settings and shutter speeds – and for sure in those early 3 or 4 years I took a lot of pictures and got “technically” better.  Whilst it’s good to master something, I realised that the more I got into it, the less and less I enjoyed it and the less and less pictures I took. I asked myself why was it that I wasn’t enjoying photography anymore – had my interests changed- no.  Perhaps I’d done it all- definitely no.  Was it too easy – hells no!  So what?  After a couple of years off I started to get the bug again, I upgraded my kit to full frame, and I enjoyed the experience – but again I waned – why?

I’ve come to realise the answer is a question of honesty.  Whilst I can adjust every single setting of every single picture, and beat myself up for setting an ISO wrong – it’s pointless – the technology the technicalities were getting in the way of taking pictures.  With this new mantra I was set free!  No longer do I feel bad if I set something on auto ISO, or have a few blurry shots here and there.  I don’t worry in fact even if an entire bunch of pictures I’ve taken are lousy- that’s why I bought digital, and there’s always tomorrow!

So I’m the lazy photographer when it suits me – my view is it’s more important to take a picture and have a picture, than be so overwhelmed and obsessed by settings that you don’t.  So I write this blog to share my pictures and things I’ve learned with one proviso:

“Everything is optional”  and if you’re just starting out, and you need to bang that thing in full auto – then you go ahead and don’t fret.  It’s only the die hards who think everything is auto – then again – who cares!

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