An amazingly unique gift, now available to order

For my mum’s 70th Birthday we decided to create a montage board to allow people who were present at her party to sign a message.  The image is created in Photoshop from around 100 scanned images resized and placed behind a mask.  Whilst this example is of 70th birthday party graphic, the technique could be used for any wording or lettering, combined with any images.  Total work time for this example (with around 100 pictures) is in the 4-6 hour mark ,but its’ come out beautifully.  The black background goes ideally with metallic silver, pink and blue pens for signing, before looking fantastic when framed on an A1 matted frame.  Finished product can be delivered as in a tube or pre backed on foam for added quality.

70th Birthday graphic

With around 100 photos in it, with a similar or greater number of layers, this graphic needed a powerful machine to process.  A DNG file size of 1.5GB meant that the Mac Pro really worked it’s socks off to get this render.

I will be producing these for family occasions, weddings, birthdays and the like, with prices from £149 (A1) and £199 (A0) with a range of options for printing and framing.  Turn around is within a week, with a review session before printing/backing and sending.  Please contact for more information.  Graphics can be created and sent worldwide – a unique gift that will keep the memories alive long after an event.

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