Can I be post PC? – This weekends experiment Part I

So there’s several ways I could start both this post and this experiment.  I’m not sure I’d be happy starting with any of them as a standalone explanation of what I’m doing, why I’m doing it and what I hope to achieve.  So in no particular order some facts and developments that have created some questions that I hope to answer.

1. I am getting old, I might only be 37 but I know that I still tend to reach for my MacBook Pro when I’m creating something, the iPad up until now, at least for me, has been a device to consume content and not create.

2. IOS 11 announced at the recent WWDC2017 really seems to have focused on the iPad (the iPad Pros in particular) and the introduction of several features: the Dock, the Files application and the fact that already by Beta 4 (and now in Beta 6) that the release is so stable I am running it now on my IPad Pro, my Mac Pro & my iPhone (not quite ready to commit for my main workhorse MacBook Pro)

3.  iCloud Drive – not that this is new, but recently Apple have taken the plunge and lowered the 2TB storage option to 1TB (with family sharing looking to make this increasingly useful and affordable). And this in cojunction with No.4 (below) may change a lot of things.

4. Ubiquitous 4G connectivity, with good tethering limits.  I’ve already extolled the virtues of Three in the UK.  Whilst EE gets the headlines, all my family have moved over to Three, which gives great coverage, great speeds, and unlimited data. With home connectivity of a Gigabit, and 30 and 40megabit 4G connectivity on the move, my aim is to see can I be a “roving reporter”.

So with all these points said, what’s the whole aim here.  Well I normally carry a MacBook Pro, a Nikon D810 (at least if not also a 610) a couple of prime lenses, and a zoom.  Tonight I’m off to the Edinburgh Fringe and tattoo and so rather than taking all that gear my kit bag consists of two things basically: an iPhone 6S (64GB) and an iPad Pro 9.7 (128GB) along with the Smart Keyboard.  My aim is to see whether I can capture the memories of the trip, take some great pictures, blog and connect to my social media and examine connectivity and storage via both on device storage, VPN back to home servers and using iCloud.  As well as this I want to see how connectivity works on this two device solution and finally decide if the idea of carrying an iPad for shorter trips with an iPhone for photos can actually live up to the hype of the post PC era.


 As of  3.10PM on Friday, I’m getting a fuzzy glow.  I’ll be blogging and sharing through the trip.

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