Winter comes to Glasgow Green, January 2016

Footprints in snow

The first day of snow in Glasgow came early this year.  I took the opportunity to jump out as quickly as I could and take a few shots, figuring that snow is at best fleeting in Scotland.  As it turns out, now at 9am (nearly 12 hours later) there’s still an abundance of the white stuff.  I started outside my flat on Glasgow green whilst the powder was still falling.  Heading West towards town managed to grab this lovely picture of the Glasgow Green sign, I like the absence of colour and the yellow and blue of the signs (it saves me doing my usual trick of B&Wing the picture and then introducing a single colour.










If I’d tried to go and take these now I’m sure there would be a lot of the ground “missing” we have about a foot lying now – I’ll try to take some photos… sounds like a good reason to go to WEST, well it’s for the art 🙂


Glasgow Doors Open 2015 – Bridgeton Bus Garage

DSC 6018

For Doors Open 2015 in Glasgow, we visited the Bridgeton Bus garage.  It’s amazing the places you find on your doorstep, that you’ve missed simply because you’ve “not gone up THAT street”.  I was truly blown away by the selection of buses, the care of the individuals concerned and the sheer variety.  If you haven’t had the pleasure of visiting this gem then take the oppurtunity to join them for their open day on November 10th and 11th


Check it out at :