A B&W Dock- with perfect Symmetry

Nikon D810 / 24-70 @ 24mm / f16 / ISO100 / 1/80 second.  Post production to B&W.

Nikon D810 / 24-70 @ 24mm / f16 / ISO100 / 1/80 second. Post production to B&W.


I’m really proud of this picture. This was taken up in cabin/cottage country North of Toronto, by a lake in the Lakeshore region of Peterborough County.  The original picture was shot full resolution RAW on a Nikon D810 camera, and post production was accomplished in Adobe Lightroom to give it the black and white smoothed look.  Apart from a bit of straightening, balancing and noise reduction, the trees and the sky have a slight burn to enhance the lines.  A beauty- available for purchase framed or unframed, and available in sizes up to A1 (UK).

I think it’s turned out great, but what do you think – hit me up on Twitter for comment, information or ordering!

Old Black and White Typewriter

Saw this kick ass old typewriter at a relations house, just had to pull it out and take some pictures.  Not done much research but seems to be from the Underwood company.  Then cool thing about it is that it has elevated posts which when shot from the front make it look like the type writer is floating! Killer..
All taken on the D810 with 24-70mm sense, I know that it’s not well though of by a lot of photographers ,but for a single do “most thing” lease it’s pretty sweet.  I can get a reasonably wide 24mm at 2.8 plus go through the standard 50mm for day to day, and even at a push a wee bit of zoom with the 70mm – I’m a big lad, so the weight doesn’t bother me (considering it’s on a D810 body with an extra battery pack, the lens is the lease of the issues).

via Flickr http://flic.kr/p/MaUnd3