Glasgow Free Wifi – Pleasant surprises that maybe indicate Glasgow could be becoming a digital city after all

Well Scottish councils often get a bad rap for a lot of reasons , but credit where credit is due Glasgow City council have hit it out the park with this.  In the Merchant City in Glasgow at the awesome Boudoir bar (it’s a Sunday – I’m “studying”).  Opened the laptop to find this little bit of joy….

Screen Shot 2015 08 09 at 13 42 18

I’m assuming they are rolling it out as part of this project, but still nice to see.  Ubiquitious wifi is the best and only way to solve the capacity problems that the new generation of internet services will create.  No doubt BT are more than happy with this, and to allow their newly acquired EE family of users to roam to this whenever possible.

Kudos Glasgow City Council – Kudos…..

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