My Camera Bag


Nikon D610

I made the leap from Canon to Nikon in my last body change.  I previously used various varieties of Canon Dxxx .  When I got back into photography I was interested in going full frame, my logic being that more and more cameras were going to become full frame (as manufacturers brought the technology down the ranges).  I considered the 5D Mk II and Mk III from Canon, and from Nikon the D600, D610 and D800/D800E.  I tried a few of these bodies out.  I was sure I’d go the Canon root, so it was more a choice between the MkII (better prices but not as feature rich) and the MkIII (amazing performance and reviews, but a price tag to match).  On the Nikon front when I began considerations it was between the D600 and D800.  I was surprised by how much I liked the feel of the bodies.  I read various reviews which highlighted that the D600 had a problem with oil on the sensor which instantly made me recoil.  I also read and found that the D800 produced beautiful pictures but at the penalty of speed.

To my own surprise, I ended up going the Nikon route more by a question of timing.  Whilst visiting Canada last year Nikon had quietly bumped the D600 to the new D610 which fixed the issues with oil on sensors and added even more speed.  I had a play with the camera at a couple of retailers, and with the addition of an extra battery pack got the camera I was looking for- right weight, shape and fantastic performance.  I picked it up with the 24-85mm lens pack.  Below are the list of lenses I currently utilise with it.

Prime Lense – “Walk about” – Nikon AF-S 50mm (f.1.8)

Nikon D610 + 50mm (f1.4) lense   Nikon D610 + 50mm (f1.4) lense

My workhorse “in the street” or “walk about” lens is a Nikon 50mm (f 1.8).  I love this lens because it’s a fast prime, that can really focus in on the details – even large room type scenes can be focused really nice with an aperture of f1.8.  I’d love a 50mm f1.4 but id use it so sparingly that I think the next of my primes will likely be a 35mm of some description.  It comes with a lovely little lense hood which is handy if your snapping walk about pics in bright sunshine.  I use Pro Tama UV filters for the most part on this lens.  I also have a step down convertor ring to allow me to mount at 72mm CPL filter if I want (hardly used).

Zoom Lense- “Work Horse” – Nikon AF-S 24-85mm (f2.8-f4.5)

Nikon D610 + 24mm-85mm lens (hood on)   Nikon D610 + 24mm-85mm lens

My “jack of all trades” lens is a Nikon AF-S 24-85mm (f3.5-4.5) zoom lens that I bought at the same time as I bought my Nikon D610.  Whilst it’s definitely not as fast or as clear at 50mm as my prime, the 24mm gives me wide enough angles and the zoom is perfect for walking about where close and long range shots present themselves.  I particularly like the balance of performance vs weight and it’s a nice lens to carry around attached.  I tend to use a Pro Tama UV filter, though I have been experimenting with a CPL (polarising filter) by the same manufacturer.  The vast majority of my city scape shots are taken with this lense.

Wide Angle – “Work in Progress” – Nikon AF-S 14-24mm (f2.8)

Nikon D610 + 14-24mm Lense   Nikon D610 + 14-24mm Lense

This is my newest and most exotic lens so far.  A Nikon 14mm-24mm (f2.8) wide angle lens.  I’ve wanted to play with wide angled shots for sometime but really didn’t have the camera body to keep up.  With the D610’s 25mpixel I felt it was time to take the pluge.  On a recent trip to Portland, Oregon, where tax is a dirty word – I picked up this puppy.  So far I’ve only taken maybe 50 -100 shots with it, and it’s definitely a learning experience.  The results have been mixed, but the one’s I have taken and enjoyed are hugely satisfying.  I plan to do a lot of work with this lens at the forthcoming Edinburgh Fringe 2014 and hoping to get right in on the action at street performances and the like.